A Post From A Wet, Disgruntled Phillies Fan

Yes I know I’m a homer and I should just keep my opinion to myself because they won it all last year, which was awesome of course (and, shockingly, they’re still in first place in their division), but I have a few things I’d like to say, having plunked down a not-insignificant amount of money to watch these guys in a professional baseball game in south Philadelphia last night…

  • Jimmy Rollins has no business hitting in the leadoff spot for this baseball team. Tell him to hit second to move the leadoff runner along should that person reach base, or he sits (I wish I could take credit for this observation, but I can’t).
  • Shane Victorino (who should be in that spot) shouldn’t be laughing while standing on first base in the bottom of the ninth inning of a game his team is losing by six runs, having reached after a single (I hope he was reacting to words from Toronto Blue Jays’ first baseman Lyle Overbay, because if he was reacting to something from the Phillies’ first base coach, then we have a wholly other problem).
  • Note to Charlie Manuel – when the team is losing 4-1 and pitcher Jamie Moyer is due to bat in the bottom of the fifth inning (Moyer ended up with about only three innings that were actually good last night), you pinch hit for him, particularly when Moyer goes out the next inning and gives up a two-run home run to put the game out of reach. If Jack Taschner ends up pitching an extra inning as a result, he should not blow out his arm (if he does, it won’t be because of that).
  • And aside from Jayson Werth’s solo home run, I would say that the appearance of “Philadelphia’s finest” along with stadium security to usher the shirtless drunk guys out of the ballpark was the highlight of the evening.

    And hopefully, when we return in a month, the Phillies’ hitters will have learned not to swing at breaking balls in the dirt, and the pitchers will figure out how to survive the first inning without actually giving up a run.


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