I Would Now Say That The Honeymoon Is Over

OK, to begin, I’ll say up front that I support President Obama. I have, I do, and I will. In the matter of the 2008 election, if the 2000 version of John McCain had run, it actually would have been interesting. But the 2008 version ran instead, trying to suck up to all of the typical Republican constituencies. And then he selected Just Plain Folks Sarah Palin as his running mate, dontcha know. And the economy tanked. And it became more and more obvious to me who was, resoundingly, more qualified for the job.

Yes, I know this has been covered over and over, but please humor me a bit here, OK?

So then we have the election and the aftermath, including the swearing-in and the parties. And the Lilly Ledbetter Act becomes law, as does the stimulus, followed by lifting the restriction on federal funding of stem cell research put into place by Dubya, SCHIP is passed, and he gives the recent Cairo speech…a lot of good stuff, to my way of thinking.

So what exactly is the problem? Well…

  • He signed a credit card consumer protections bill that won approval through a provision allowing loaded guns in our national parks, for starters (here).
  • He flip-flopped on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” here (yes, I understand his point that the bill signed by Clinton was written by Congress, but don’t say here that you plan to end it and then equivocate, especially when individuals such as Colin Powell have called for “reevaluating” it).
  • He has defended Dubya’s programs of torture, kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, government secrecy, and executive branch dominance over the other branches of government by using the Bush “state secrets” provision, as noted here (basically, all we have is Obama’s word that he won’t engage in the same garbage as his predecessor).
  • For some incomprehensible reason, he defended the Defense of Marriage Act in a recent legal brief as noted here by Americablog and the Human Rights Campaign (more here).
  • And to top it all off, we have this, which tells us the following…

    NEW YORK The Obama administration is blocking access to the names of visitors to the White House, according to MSNBC.com — which recently requested the information. The Web site contends the reasoning is similar to Bush administration arguments that a president doesn’t have to reveal his visitors.

    You may now consider your humble narrator be officially pissed off at our chief executive.

    And by the way, given what I said yesterday about Randall Terry here, it might be a good idea to start enforcing the FACE law (yes, I know Scott Roeder’s craziness definitely predated Obama, but the incidents of Roeder gluing Tiller’s clinic doors shut – a clear FACE violation – occurred on the watch of Obama and AG Eric Holder also).

    Also, I would like to reiterate what Bill Maher said here in the way of Obama “taking a page from his predecessor.” Use reconciliation on health care if the votes aren’t there, Mr. President, and if the Repugs stall your nominees like Dawn Johnsen and David Hamilton in response, then scream loud and long about it.

    Given the fact that, in the past, Dems generally have shown all the spine of a bowl of warm vermicelli in response to relentless right-wing attacks, I for one would call that change I can believe in.

    Update 6/17/09: A nice step in the right direction here… (Oops, looks like I updated too soon, based on thisrelocation assistance?).

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