“Captain Clueless” Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

This tells us that a certain 43rd President Of The United States will (I’m sure) accept a hefty sum (if he hasn’t already) to offer what passes for his reflections on the utter mess he wrought over his time in office (portrayed as sympathetically as possible, of course) in a “meeting” tonight at The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan tonight at 8:00 (more information on this outfit is here).

And I can only hope that he will receive the same “sympathetic” greeting he received here when he spoke in Calgary a couple of months ago.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that it is utterly typical of Dubya, in his invincible, swaggering ignorance, to appear in the state which has the highest unemployment rate in the country (at least, it did as of last summer when “Straight Talk” McCain campaigned for the presidency, as noted here). I mean, it would have made more sense for him to spread his hooey all over the place at, say, AEI, the Heritage Foundation, or the Hoover Institute at Sanford.

Finally, speaking of Michigan, Commander Codpiece and what’s left of our economy, I should note from here that Michael Moore is currently working on a film on the subject, with few details available at the moment. If and when more information becomes available, I’ll pass it along.

Update: A “bubble boy” he was, is and always will be (here)…


One Response to “Captain Clueless” Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

  1. […] More Housing Fairy Tales From Former President “Bubble Boy” So how exactly did everything go for Dubya last night in Michigan (as a follow up to this earlier post)? […]

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