A “Tortuous” Cheap Shot On Patrick Murphy

baby,crying,tantrum-thumb(I know I just used this graphic a few days ago, but it fits again.)

This item made the “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” section of the Bucks County Courier Times last Friday while we were away, but it was too pathetic to ignore….

(Thumbs Down) To Bucks County Congressman Patrick Murphy, who seems to have lost the will or the ability to speak for himself. Pretty much every time a reporter calls Murphy for comment, we hear from a “spokesman” instead.

The latest non-comment came in response to a question about Murphy’s reported attendance at two CIA briefings on so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, otherwise known as torture. Our reporter called Murphy because of the firestorm raging over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s allegation that the CIA “lied” during briefings she attended with lawmakers.

It would be nice to hear from Murphy on that raging national issue. His perspective would be appreciated, given his attendance at the CIA meetings and his experience in Iraq.

Instead, Murphy’s spokesman confirmed only that Murphy attended “a number of intelligence briefings + but cannot disclose what was discussed.”

No surprise there. Doesn’t seem like the congressman cares to disclose much of anything to constituents via his hometown newspaper.


This is truly sad even by the wretched, Dem-liberal-progressive-bashing standards of this newspaper.

Let’s back up for a minute and try to establish a chronology, OK?

In September 2002 (according to an interview with Rachel Maddow), Pelosi said that she was told that “enhanced interrogation techniques” were being considered by Bushco, and there was a legal rationale in place for these techniques (here), and this (NY Times content) tells us that she was told in 2003 that those techniques were being used.

And it bears repeating again that the briefings in which Pelosi and others learned of this were confidential; the only recourse for Pelosi and/or others who may have objected was to bring their concerns directly to a White House that considered Congress a subsidiary of sorts to the executive branch anyway.

And was Patrick Murphy serving in Congress at that time? Uh, no – he was deployed to Bosnia in 2002 and Iraq in 2003 with the U.S. Army (as noted here).

Who was serving in Congress at the time, representing PA’s 8th Congressional District? Why, that would be Repug Jim Greenwood, who, as noted here, served as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in which he “led investigations and held hearings on a variety of issues within the vast jurisdiction of the Committee including corporate governance, bioterrorism, port and border security.” So, if anyone was also likely to be briefed on the techniques Pelosi mentioned, it would be Greenwood (or, at least, he should have been given his leadership position).

Why doesn’t the Courier Times follow up with our former House rep to find out if HE wants to “disclose much of anything to (his former) constituents via his hometown newspaper” instead?


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