Health Care Hijinks From Two WATB Dems

baby,crying,tantrum-thumb(And here’s the “straight dope” on the abbreviation, as it were.)

With the latest news of these magical cost savings suddenly realized by those who have crafted our wonderful for-profit health care system in this country (here), as well as the inevitable attack from industry-friendly and Obama and Dem-unfriendly groups (here), we know now that the battle for health care reform is underway for real.

Another sign of that development is the inevitable whining from some of the more notorious members of the “Bush Dog” congressional Democrats about how they don’t like the process of crafting legislation that provides coverage for all, as noted here from the New York Times, including this excerpt…

The lawmakers, members of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, said they were “increasingly troubled” by their exclusion from the bill-writing process.

They expressed their concerns in a letter delivered Monday to three House committee chairmen writing the bill, which House leaders hope to pass this summer.

Representative Mike Ross, an Arkansas Democrat who is chairman of the coalition’s health task force, said: “We don’t need a select group of members of Congress or staff members writing this legislation. We don’t want a briefing on the bill after it’s written. We want to help write it.”

Another coalition member, Representative Jim Cooper of Tennessee, did not sign the letter, but expressed similar concerns.

“Especially in the House,” Mr. Cooper said, “there’s too much of this attitude that if it’s bipartisan, that just means you didn’t negotiate hard enough. I hear that a lot from folks. They are almost looking for ways to eliminate Republican support.”

Many of my blogging brethren have expressed the following sentiment already, but please allow me to add my voice to the chorus.

Representative Cooper, for that statement and many, many other reasons similar to it, please make it official and join the Republican Party. I’m sure they’d welcome you with open arms (more about Cooper on this issue shortly).

Before that, though, please allow me to point out the following about Dem Rep Mike Ross…

For someone who claims to be supporting his constituents, let it be known here that he opposed amending that horrible 2005 bankruptcy law to allow for homeowners to restructure their mortgages (a lot cheaper to do that than to repossess a home).

Also, Ross pretty much nailed the “Bush Dog” trifecta of caving to Dubya on Iraq war funding without a troop withdrawal timeline (here, along with Cooper), granting greater surveillance powers to the now-happily-departed Bushco cabal (here, also along with Cooper – I’m sure there are still plenty of “sleepers” from Dubya’s dark days still buried in agencies now overseen by the Obama Administration, though), and joining the “Drill, Baby, Drill” chorus in the ANWR and off the Florida coast (here).

And as far as Cooper is concerned, Mike Lux of Open Left tells us the following from here…

I was part of the Clinton White House team on the health care reform issue in 1993/94, and no Democrat did more to destroy our chances in that fight than Jim Cooper.

So basically, I don’t consider either one of these guys to be real credible on this issue.

And besides, is it too much trouble to ask that, the next time you’re unhappy with your party leadership for one reason or another, you keep it in the caucus first and leave the media out of it?

Update 5/14/09: A big hat tip goes out to Glenn Greenwald of for this (kind of tells you who has Ross and Cooper’s backs, as it were – and yes, I know Patrick Murphy is on this list; I’ll care if he ever becomes the same obstructionist as the other two “Bush Dog” jokers in this post).


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