Dubya’s Library/SMU Shenanigans And Donor “Dustup”

True to form for a presidential “administration” that conducted a secret energy task force, allowed secret (and at the time, illegal) surveillance of our phone calls, conducted secret “renditions” of suspected “enemy combatants” while trying others in virtually secret “military commissions,” it looks like the donors to the presidential library for the ex-cretin-in-chief will be kept secret also, at least for now (I know this post by HuffPo was dated from last January, so I guess this isn’t breaking news).

What is news, though, as noted here, is that these up-to-now secret donors managed to pony up $100 million in 100 hundred days on behalf of Former President Brainless and His Ultra-Super Fabulous Freedom Institute, with the chattering classes marveling at this largesse (uh, and why exactly wouldn’t people be more prone to giving anonymously in these amounts – hard to imagine people who actually did well these last eight years, but they’re out there).

I have a question – does anyone besides me remember stories like this one, where the WaPo and their corporate media cousins made a big freaking deal out of the fact that – OMIGOD!! The Bill Clinton Library RECEIVED $10 MILLION FROM THE SAUDIS!! WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCE ARE THEY TRYING TO BUY???!!

And now, the happily-now-former Oval Office occupant tells everybody that the donor list to his little play pen on the grounds of Southern Methodist University is nobody’s damn business, and our esteemed members of the fourth estate slink away all cowed, saying, “Well, OK, if that’s how he wants it.”

Does anybody else besides me see anything wrong with this picture?

I mean, there’s a reason why President Obama insisted that Bill Clinton release the names of the donors to his foundation and presidential library (about 200,000 according to this New York Times editorial from January) as a condition of Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State. It’s all about transparency (that also has a bit to do with the scrutiny of the donors to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in ’96, as noted here – our lefty blogging brethren don’t call this stuff “the Clinton rules” for nothing).

In light of all this, it should be noted that this tells us that a bill pending in the Senate would force Dubya to do what he should do if he had a speck of conscience (the bill was blocked by Ted “Tubes” Stevens because it didn’t exclude Dubya – unbelievable…the story tells us that Poppy Bush at least did the right thing by displaying the names of big donors in the rotunda of his complex).

If Dubya won’t disclose his donors, then he should pay for his own presidential library staffers instead of using those affiliated with the National Archive, who are funded by our tax dollars.

Oh, and Dubya said here that he didn’t want to be deposed in a lawsuit against SMU by two condominium owners who are claiming that “the university bullied (them) into selling without disclosing plans to build a presidential library at the site” (the problem for Dubya, though, is that the judge has ordered him to testify).

I should tell you that there was a time not long ago when I was concerned as to whether or not I would have enough posting material once Number 43 departed Washington. As long as he continues to act like the overgrown adolescent he no doubt will be until he draws his last breath, I guess it’s a good thing that he continues to keep me busy.


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