At Long Last, A “Savior” For The GOP?

missamericaHey listen, if these characters can rally around Joe The Plumber, then they can certainly do so on behalf of this person (from here)…

Miss California may have lost her shot at becoming Miss USA after expressing her opposition to same-sex marriage, but she’s nevertheless emerged as a star.

After getting booed by the beauty pageant crowd and berated by one of the contest judges on Sunday, Carrie Prejean is suddenly a conservative sensation, a poster girl for the right who has bloggers, talk show hosts and Republican pols singing her praises.

See, when Prejean was asked about whether or not she supports gay marriage, she said…

“We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman,” she responded during the televised event. “No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

Her response wasn’t exactly what (“openly gay” blogger Perez) Hilton — or the crowd — was expecting. Prejean ultimately finished as the first runner-up in the competition to Miss North Carolina, who drew a less combustible question about taxpayer bailouts. In an interview the next day with “Today” show host Matt Lauer, Prejean said she knew she wasn’t going to win the moment she answered.

Hilton later said in a video on his blog that Prejean’s answer did not sink her chances of winning, though his disdain for her was unmistakable.

“She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Miss California lost because she is a dumb [expletive].”

The reaction among conservatives, who embraced Prejean as a martyr for the cause, was equally strong.

I suppose there are better news stories out there that I could comment on, but to me, this is a case study in how right-wing umbrage becomes easy fodder for our corporate media (and the quotes around “openly gay” on Perez Hilton come from me, partly because I wanted to note how silly it is to point that out – don’t recall reading too many news stories pointing out when someone is “openly straight”).

And by the way, I really don’t have an issue with what Prejean said, particularly when you realize that she probably would have been burned in effigy if she’d come out in support of gay marriage, or even civil unions in all likelihood. The last I checked, someone in this country could still voice a contrary opinion without fear of reprisal (something even Bushco could not take away – “smooth move” by Hilton to “feed the beast”).

Yep, you’d better not mess around with Miss America as far as the “God and guns” crowd is concerned; this story from 1999 tells us about the furor that erupted when the pageant tried to allow divorced women and those who’d undergone abortions to enter (and why is that anyone else’s business, exactly?), and this tells us how the myth of bra-burning women originated from the protest of the 1968 contest.

At least the pageants in this country have nothing on the history of the Miss World contest; as noted here, the 2003 pageant in Nigeria led to bloody riots in which 250 people died (think Muslim fundamentalism, OK?).

But back in this country, I have to admit that, if someone does emerge as the leader of a Repug party that someday decides to re-enter the mainstream of our political life, Prejean would be as good a choice as anyone. At least she would already have experience flourishing in an environment where preening behavior, grandstanding, and celebration of triviality is the norm (and besides, you really wouldn’t want to see Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell or John Boehner in a swimsuit instead of her, would you?).


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