An Example For All You “Teabaggers” To Follow

Texas Governor Rick Perry tells us here that he has not “rul(ed) out the possibility his state may one day secede from the nation.”

Oh, please do. It would send a message to all of the other red-state numbskulls that they can just go ahead and leave also. Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas (sorry Bill and Hillary), Georgia (with all due respect to former President Carter, Cynthia Tucker and a few others), you can just wave bye-bye too.

Then the fun begins. Raising your own army. Maintaining your own federal highways, bridges and transportation infrastructure. Making sure you have enough vaccines to immunize your children (of course, you don’t really care about such “Democrat, liberal perks” I know, but I’m just pointing out what you’ll be missing). Keeping your air and waterways clean. Regulating your own air traffic. And paying for all of that. And on and on and on…

And when you come crawling back to us for help, we’ll just kick sand in your face and tell you to go back to Mexico.

God, I can’t wait.

Update 4/24/09: More good thoughts from kos on this…

Update 4/26/09: The jokes truly write themselves, people.

Update 4/30/09: ROFLMAO!!!


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