My April Fools’ Post

I was going to try and post something in my own hand, as it were, to commemorate this day, but upon glancing over the Bucks County Courier Times for the last couple of days, I see that they’ve done my work for me.

And what follows are three particularly infamous examples; the first is from here…

We watch(ed) as the populace grew weary of Nixon, fueled by an emerging vocal and biased media, the Vietnam War and price controls, and elected a president who gave the people bromides without substance. Jimmy Carter raised taxes to stratospheric levels. Inflation ballooned to double digits and the prime rate peaked at 21 percent.

We watch(ed) as Ronald Reagan took control of the economy and eventually turned the giant economic ship around, giving us almost two decades of unprecedented growth, not slowing until Clinton raised taxes.

(Ordinarily I would bother to answer some of these charges, but in this case they’re so inane that I’ll just let these people rant…besides, someone answered for me in the comments.)

And from here…

It is true that the Republican Party is in some disarray and seems to lack a clear, recognized leader to take it forward. However, it is only the celebrity-obsessed Democrats, with Obama in the lead, who are mistaking Rush as that Republican leader. Perhaps they are so used to having celebrities shape their political platform that accepting Rush as a legitimate Republican spokesman makes sense. It doesn’t and it shouldn’t. Allowing celebrities to present and shape their own political views for so long has skewed their senses.

Rush isn’t the only media personality the administration has gone after. Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary and point man for attacking critics, has publicly belittled CNBC reporter Rick Santelli for criticizing the stimulus bill. He also publicly questioned TV host Jim Cramer’s credibility on economics after Cramer bemoaned what he saw as the administration’s destruction of American wealth. These two men don’t have half the influence on public opinion that Rush does, but they were media personnel daring to question Obama and they had to be addressed.

And from here…

With less than 100 days in office, President Obama is causing the country to collapse through his massive spending bills.

He’s causing budget deficits in the trillions of dollars, has nominated cabinet members who didn’t pay their taxes, has a secretary of treasury who cannot grasp the problem, signs legislation that he and Congress have not read, including the bonuses for AIG.

He flies across the country to be on a talk show when the country is in economic peril, a trip that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars, and when he gets there he insults handicapped kids.

He wants to eliminate Gitmo, thereby making our country less safe. He signs legislation that has hundreds of earmarks and pet projects. This guy is in way over his head.

At least President Bush kept us safe and for most of his presidency, the economy was fine.

Obama is on his way to becoming perhaps the worst president in history as he continues to bankrupt our country.

Michael Werner
Lower Makefield

Wow, that Kool Aid sure has one hell of a kick to it, doesn’t it?


2 Responses to My April Fools’ Post

  1. Johnicrus says:

    You think this is rewriting History? Heh, wait till you see how they handle the Bush/Cheney legacy.

  2. doomsy says:

    Speaking of rewriting history, I’ve almost finished reading Will Bunch’s great book on Reagan – very interesting.

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