Cawley’s “Can’t Do” Spirit On The Stimulus

I want to thank Bucks County Courier Times letter writer Paul Lang, Jr. this morning for jogging my memory a bit on a recent quote from one of our illustrious county commissioners (sarcasm intended) – here is his letter…

Regarding county Commissioner Jim Cawley’s quote, “I am far from somebody who is rooting for the (Democratic) economic stimulus package”: This comment is un-American and outrageous. I am an American first and want only the best for this country regardless of political party affiliation.

As a registered Democrat, I voted for Barack Obama. If Cawley’s Republican choice, John McCain, had won the presidency, then I would be cheering and praying for McCain to succeed.

Cawley should never be elected to any office anywhere again. He has shown his true un-American colors.

Paul Lang Jr.

And of course, that met with the predictable wingnut comment noise online, which Lang should wear as a badge of honor, actually.

I believe the reason why I missed this is because the original quote from Cawley appeared in this column by J.D. Mullane about the current dilapidated state of Washington Crossing Park. And Cawley is entitled to his opinion, I realize, but in his capacity as a commissioner, I think his comments should be neutral at the very least, particularly given the fact that the Repugs are so tolerant of opinions which differ from their own, as we know.

Well, for Cawley’s information, here is a link to an analysis from The Philadelphia Inquirer showing that Bucks County stands to receive millions in school district funding from the stimulus, as well as $600 million from the $48.1 billion in transportation stimulus funds for Greater Philadelphia (affecting many Bucks residents), as well as approximately $318 for highways in southeastern Pennsylvania, $120 million for highways in southern New Jersey, and $193 million for SEPTA (noted here).

And as noted from here, the stimulus provides funding to…

  • (Protect) 972,000 Pennsylvanians from the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • (Match) unemployed individuals to job openings through state employment service agencies and allow Pennsylvania to provide customized reemployment services ($15.4 million).
  • (Extend) Bonus Depreciation and Small Business Expensing through 2009, allowing businesses that make capital investments to immediately deduct one-half the cost. Small businesses can immediately deduct 100 percent of the cost of these investments.
  • (Help) law enforcement agencies enhance their investigative response to offenders who use the Internet or other computer technology to sexually exploit children ($1 million).
  • (Improve) the response to violent crimes against women and to assist victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking ($6.4 million).
  • But of course, Cawley is “far from somebody who is rooting for the (Democratic) economic stimulus package.”

    This is typical for someone who, as noted here, refused to fund an Army Corps of Engineers study of the Delaware River, to the point where Patrick Murphy had to intervene or else Bucks would have lost out on critical federal funds for this project.

    And as noted here, Cawley told a group of people gathered in Bristol, Pa. that “county money pegged for a three-hole golf course and driving range can be spent only for recreational purposes” (just what Bucks needs – another golf course), even though the majority of the residents favor a skate park, but with a chunk of the $400,000 going to keep the struggling Bristol Township homeless shelter open (also favored by Bucks commissioner Diane Marseglia, with the third commissioner, Charley Martin, stating that he believes skateboarding is “a fad” – here’s some reading material on this for Mr. “I Have A Semi-Open Mind”).

    Finally, this tells us that the Bucks County Coalition for Voting Integrity was denied access to records on the purchase of new county voting machines, as well as the fact that the Bucks County Health Department refused to turn over records of its pool inspections to the Doylestown Intelligencer, which attempted to publish an investigatory report on the safety of Bucks County swimming pools some years ago.

    So of course Cawley has to oppose the stimulus because of what it could provide to families and the working middle class of this county; also consider the fact that Cawley’s playmate Charley Martin would never have been returned to office were it not for the intercession of clueless third party candidate Jay Russell working on behalf of the Repugs, as noted here – it’s clear that their grip on county government is slipping anyway.

    And if the stimulus succeeds, making it plainly obvious which political party wants to ensure prosperity in Bucks and the rest of this country and which one doesn’t, they’ll lose that grip once and for all.


    5 Responses to Cawley’s “Can’t Do” Spirit On The Stimulus

    1. Joe Ellis says:

      Here here for Cawley! I believe you liberals we’re going ape shit over the deficit left by President Bush (as we’re many of the non-hardcore republicans). My what a difference the man proposing the spending does to the liberal psyche. The whole argument has been dropped in favor of spending, spending and more spending. “I will go through every bill, line by line, for earmarks.” hahahaha Talk about a broken promise.

      So again, three cheers for Cawley. Worrying about the path of our country and our growing deficit.

      I notice that you have failed to cover Commissioner Marseglia’s partisan meeting held the other day on the topic of foster-care. Again, I applaud Cawley for standing up for all of the hard case-workers and Foster Care parents. The showing was tremendous. Anyone else notice that the Courier forgot to mention that Cawley was the only speaker to receive cheers after he was done speaking???? Aside of course from the wonderful lady who has fostered her grandchildren.

      Three cheers for her as well.

      Time to go. Bye

    2. doomsy says:

      The budget signed by Obama that included the earmarks obtained the signoff of George W. Bush first, and I didn’t see any earmarks in the stimulus bill (again, I personally don’t care about earmarks if they’re disclosed – whining about earmarks is just fodder for media types who won’t do the hard work of examining the rest of the budget instead as far as I’m concerned). And I would expect a non-partisan to immediately see the hypocrisy of Republicans complaining about Obama’s stimulus spending which is targeted for rebuilding our economy, as opposed to the “drunken sailor” cash “stewardship” of our aforementioned 43rd president, the only one in history to actually cut taxes while trying to prosecute two wars, one of choice, and failing at both (with those cuts ending up as income in rich people’s pockets used to save or buy stuff as opposed to actually creating jobs – that trick didn’t work the first time under Reagan, and it didn’t work again under Reagan’s “son”…and don’t get me started on the Republican congresses that ran pretty much unchecked from 2000-2006).

      Also, what I know of stories involving our commissioners comes just about entirely from the Courier Times – I’m trained as a journalist and I’ve written for newspapers, but it’s not what I do as a profession. Basically, I don’t “cover” anything, and I have no pretense about that. If you have a link to a Courier Times story on this that I missed (or the Intelligencer or another paper), I would be happy to update the post with that information.

      (“Going ape shit about over the deficit” – nice.)

    3. doomsy says:

      Oh, and I missed this earlier; who exactly would those “non-hardcore republicans” be who were “upset” (I’ll put it that way instead) about Dubya’s wasteful money mismanagement but chose to offer only tepid criticism of Commander Codpiece at best? Tell me the ones who opposed him by passing fiscally prudent budgets from 2000-2006.

    4. joe says:

      Sounds like Paul Lang is still a little angry at Cawley for running The Tomlinson campaign and destroying him at the polls. Also, I find it intriguing that when a liberal bashed Bush it was justified and patriotic and now when a Conservative disagrees with blowing money down the drain it’s unpatriotic. Could it be possible Wannabe Senator Lang that maybe Cawley was being patriotic by not supporting the pork bill???

    5. True Dat says:

      Cawley is no conservative… he is a real problem in my opinion.

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