“Toying” With The CPSC

March 16, 2009

The Inky snuck in a real doozy on Friday; I guess this is their idea of trying to use cutting-edge web-based commentary to give philly.com a spike in its hit count (somehow, though, I’m sure they could have done MUCH better than Hugh Hewitt)…

Do Democrats really care about job losses?

If they did, they would move quickly to amend the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

CPSIA, as it is known among the companies it has greatly damaged, was Congress’ response to the stories over the past two years of products arriving from China with too much lead in them, products that genuinely endangered the children who played with them. Congress got its dander up and passed strict new standards on the amount of lead allowed in products intended for children. For good measure, Congress also added bans on certain levels of phthalates in select products.

I’ll tell you what; here is a link to the bill, and I’ll let you search the text if you want and see if you can find references to phthalates, because I couldn’t find any (basically, the intent of the bill is to rectify the problems created by the ruinous chairmanship of chamber of commerce flaks Michael Baroody and Nancy Nord – more here and here).

Also, I searched repeatedly to find information on the job losses supposedly caused by this legislation, and I couldn’t find anything about that either (in fact, Hewitt interviewed CSPC chairwoman Nord here – yes, apparently she’s still with us, pending a replacement from the Obama Administration – and he asked her point blank about supposed job losses from the Act, and she couldn’t answer the question either…and of course, Hewitt doesn’t cite a source for that claim himself).

And I had to laugh as I heard Hewitt describe himself as “a fed for a lot of years,” in the Nord interview, given that this tells us that Hewitt clerked for a couple of D.C. appeals court judges in 1983-84, and then worked in the Reagan Administration for a time before returning to California to oversee construction of the Richard Nixon library in 1989. How that constitutes being “a fed for a lot of years” is a mystery to me.

However, I cringed at Hewitt’s sickening hypothetical in his interview where he tells Nord to issue an “exemption” to the 2008 Act (presumably because, according to Hewitt – again, with no evidence to support his claim – parents are putting their kids on adult bikes because of the ’08 law’s ban on ATVs and snowmobiles) and “let the courts overturn it so that (when a) child…is injured or killed, (it) is not blood on your hands, it’s on that court or the Congress?”

And this guy claims to be an evangelical Christian, by the way. Also, though I’m used to a “leap of logic,” should I just call this a “leap of nonsense” and leave it at that (from the Inquirer piece)?

CPSIA should become Exhibit 1 in the GOP’s efforts to slow down health care reform and cap and trade. If Congress can accidentally unleash such unintended and costly side effects when working in a fairly narrow area, imagine the consequences of their unintended sideswipes when it comes to health care or energy production.

And you’ll never guess who the “hero” is in Hewitt’s post, the person trying to get an extension to avoid implementing the Act and thus preserve all of that supposedly safe product inventory that the Act would destroy.

Why, that would be none other than Jim DeMint. Surprised?

Meanwhile, in the world of grownups, President Barack Obama provided “an overall budget increase of 8 percent for domestic programs, with some regulatory agencies receiving double-digit increases. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will get 31 percent funding increases, while the Food and Drug Administration’s budget will grow by 19 percent” in the recently passed spending bill,” as noted here.

Which, I’m certain, will be administered by a new head of the CPSC before too much longer.

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