It’s “Pile On Arlen Specter” Saturday!

So Club For Growth wingnut Pat Toomey is going to “primary” Our Man Arlen after all, as it turns out (here – as I said, doing the right thing…in Specter’s case, that means supporting Obama on the stimulus…earns you nothing but scorn in the Repug Party).

And some more fun with Snarlin’ Arlen is here (and Specter will never switch parties, IMHO…and I realize that the Dems turned out to be not one bit better on the matter Cafferty spoke of, by the way).

Update 4/28/09: Mmmm, that crow tastes good (well, not really, based on this)…


One Response to It’s “Pile On Arlen Specter” Saturday!

  1. Johnicrus says:

    Specter is the original “maverick”, going against the party during the Reagan and Bush sr. years was part of his being. Unfortunately, over the last 15 years he’s become sympathetic to the right.

    When he was up for Chair of the Judiciary Committee rumors were swirling that, regardless of his seniority, they were going to bypass him and give it to someone else. Specter had to degrade himself to the Bush/Cheney gang, promising to be a good boy in order to get the Chair. It was ugly to watch.

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