An End To The FEMA-NoLA Follies In Sight?

femaThis story from CBS News tells us that, as a result of their investigation into “cronyism, sexual harassment and racial discrimination in their New Orleans office” that yielded “more than 30 complaints,” U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu called for the resignation yesterday of Doug Whitmer, FEMA chief of staff of the Louisiana Transitional Recovery Office in New Orleans.

Also, this story tells us that…

President Obama hasn’t yet named a FEMA administrator, but is said to be considering two potential nominees: Ellen Gordon, a former Iowa emergency response manager who is now associate director of the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security, and Craig Fugate, head of Florida’s emergency management agency.

And concerning Homeland Security Secretary (and former Arizona governor) Janet Napolitano (who seems to be willing to go along either way concerning whether or not FEMA stays in her organization), she appeared before Congress recently (here), where she was lambasted by Repug U.S. House Rep Peter King of New York for “failing to use the word ‘terrorism’ in her remarks” (yeah…to paraphrase that great quote about Former PA Senator Man-On-Dog, King is one of the greatest minds of the 19th century, as noted here).

Another thing – I keep mentioning this guy out there since he’s still in exile of sorts over his little dalliance that cost him his presidential aspirations, but I mean, c’mon people! It’s not like he has a hell of a lot to do at the moment, I’m sure.

Just put him in charge of the FEMA Louisiana Transitional Recovery Office after Whitmer is gone and see what happens, OK? Hell, don’t even pay him for a three-month probationary period if you want. If he doesn’t do a good job and you end up “booting” him, then what have you lost?

Update 3/4/09: Looks like Fugate will get the nod to run FEMA based on this, which is an even better reason to give Edwards a shot, IMHO.

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  1. They made a series of epic pronouncements from on high in relation to.

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