More Crowley Crowing About “Divided Dems”

January 22, 2009

(Sorry this graphic isn’t “gender neutral” for the purposes of this post…)

This CNN bit of pundit wankery disguised as political analysis comes to us courtesy of Candy Crowley; basically, she wasted valuable bandwidth trying to manufacture some supposedly catastrophic differences of opinion between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and President Obama (it really isn’t worth any further commentary besides that; besides, anybody who thinks that Harry Reid would actually stand up to anything or anybody must not be paying attention to the news, since he doesn’t have much of a record on that at the moment – hint; think Blago and a certain Senator named Burris).

And please remember, Crowley is the person who brought us the following (from here)…

Because, look, he has great popularity, as [CNN senior political correspondent] Candy [Crowley] said. But once you drop that “elect” and he’s President Obama, then it’s his economy; it’s his unemployment rate. And he will start getting the baggage that every president does when people get mad.

We’ll see about that, but I’ll take this number for now.

And here’s more:

  • Crowley “reports” by clipping Obama’s quotes here (gosh, looks like fun – can I play too?).
  • Here, she refuses to exercise any kind of media due diligence at all in the matter of who lied more in a presidential debate, John McCain or Obama (though she believes it is her job to “report” on candidates who drink green tea as well as misrepresenting the Dems as not “supporting the troops” and being “weak on national security”).
  • Here, she has no problem reporting on a posh Obama fundraiser, but somehow forgot to report on those of McCain.
  • She also “reported” that Obama “distorted” John McCain’s remark about staying in Iraq “100 years” without reporting what McCain actually said here.
  • There is much more that I could dig up on Crowley had I the time and the stomach for her particularly ingratiating “gift” for propaganda, but I’ll leave it at this for now. Suffice to say that I didn’t know that “Senior Political Correspondent” was a job title for an operative at Republican National Committee headquarters.

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