Celebrating A “Comic” Commander In Chief

January 13, 2009

I thought this was pretty cool…

On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 with Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and even a fist-bump between Spidey and the new president.

It turns out that, among his other virtues, President-Elect Barack Obama is a Marvel Comics fan (and DC also, since he apparently, like former Repug Presidential Candidate John McCain, is a fan of Batman).

The USA Today story also tells us the following…

Presidents have been supporting characters in comics before: During World War II, superheroes fought Hitler as Franklin D. Roosevelt cheered them on. John F. Kennedy appeared in Action Comics #309 in 1963, when he helped protect Clark Kent’s secret identity.

“If I can’t trust the president of the United States, who can I trust?” Superman tells Kennedy.

That issue appeared a week after Kennedy was assassinated. DC Comics had to explain later that it was too late to recall the book.

And in the matter of presidents portrayed as pop culture icons, we have this merging of Dubya with Heath Ledger’s Joker from “The Dark Knight” last year (disturbing, but thought provoking anyway).

And by the way, allow me to quash the rumor here and now of a “Spider-Man 4” in the works with an actor portraying the Kingpin who looks suspiciously like Dick Cheney (a new movie does seem to be “on,” though, based on this).

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