Today’s Addition To The “Legacy”

January 12, 2009

Eight more days (here – h/t…

From his precipitous decision to invade Iraq to his order giving wide latitude to CIA interrogators of terrorism suspects to his demand for $700 billion to shore up financial institutions, Bush’s presidency has been one of strong actions followed by equally strong – and in some cases even stronger – reactions.

And at times, Bush’s combative personality – some would call him arrogant – helped spark the backlash.

And here, he tells us that he didn’t think the response to Katrina was slow, and this WaPo story tells us that the economy under his “stewardship” was the “weakest in decades: we basically went nowhere for 10 years” (somehow, though, I think we already knew that).

And if you want to send Commander Codpiece a farewell message, why, just click here (sounds like many have already).

Update: And I’m so glad President Highest Disapproval Rating In Gallup Poll History thinks presidents shouldn’t feel self pity, as he tells us here.

You mean, kind of like this?

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