Stop Hiding The Cost

This Think Progress post tells us that New York Times conservative quota hire Bill Kristol recently had a verbal spat with columnist and author Pete Hamill about whether or not Americans have seen “plenty of coffins” from the Iraq war, with Kristol arguing in a typically nonsensical manner that we have.

Think Progress does a good job of noting that the Bushco ban on the coffin photos was backed by the 108th Republican Congress in June 2004, with John McCain voting against the ban in one of his final moments of genuine maverickyness before he became a bona fide wingnut wannabe.

I’m not going to waste time pointing out the obvious facts that Bill Kristol is a liar and an idiot (and how funny is it that he’s “ambivalent” about staying at the Times, noted here; every day he picks up a paycheck from them, it’s an act of theft). I only wish to request here that the incoming Obama administration rescind the Bushco gag rule on the coffin photos at its earliest opportunity, or if it does not somehow, then the incoming 111th Congress should act to do so themselves.


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