Stephen, We Hadley Knew Ye

November 18, 2008

hadley1aWhen I go to read online content that represents an almost total avoidance of reality, I try my luck at the Philadelphia Inquirer first, but inevitably I end up at the Murdoch Street Journal.

And today, writer William McGurn tells us the following from here…

I suppose it’s possible that George W. Bush would award Stephen J. Hadley the Medal of Freedom. Certainly the president’s national security adviser has earned it, for work that made possible the success we are now seeing in Iraq. And it would be within the president’s prerogative to see that work acknowledged with this honor before they both leave the White House come Jan. 20.

But how much better it would be all around — for the country, for the recipient, and even for Barack Obama — if Mr. Hadley were to receive this honor from the hands of the 44th president of the United States.

Of course it would be “better,” wouldn’t it? Why, it would be a tacit endorsement by Obama of the lies and deceptions that precipitated and exacerbated the Iraq fiasco which our president-elect, in his wisdom, opposed from the beginning. And it would a great big cream pie, figuratively speaking, splattered right in Obama’s “mush.”

Yep, that’s something McGurn and his playmates at Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda factory would truly enjoy. It would provide attack fodder for weeks on end.

Meanwhile, in the reality-based community, please allow me to point out that Hadley, along with former CIA director George Tenet, allowed references to Saddam Hussein’s supposed efforts to purchase nuclear materials into Dubya’s 2003 State Of The Union address here (a reason at the time for our war of choice in Iraq).

Also, Hadley once endorsed the idea of naming Paul Wolfowitz as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority to replace Jay Garner here (a Jew in charge of an Arab country – how many levels of stupid). And I should also point out here that Hadley dismissed some of the ideas of departing Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld a couple of years ago, which would not be a big deal were it not for the fact that Rummy listed troop withdrawals as one such idea.

I’m not going to waste my time belaboring the point once more that the “surge” wouldn’t have been a “success” were it not for the Sunni Awakening and the ethnic cleansing that has resulted from their civil war with the Shiites. I’ll merely conclude by saying that the only “victory” Hadley and his chums offered was a feeble political cover to buy time before the ruling Bushco cabal finally, mercifully, departs the national stage at long last in about two months.

Update: And in true lapdog fashion, Hadley spouted the party line that his boss didn’t believe there were any security concerns regarding the botched Dubai Ports World deal (remember that one?) here (with more than a little bit of an assist from Little Tommy Friedman).

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