“Byko” And His Crackpot History Lesson

Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky told us last Friday here that “the road to George W. Bush was paved by 1968 and its aftermath.”

Yes, I’m serious (a less odious observation than his despicable dreck here).


In reaction to bombs’ being set off by domestic terrorists and violent protests by the Far Left, offended (and possibly frightened) Americans lurched rightward. The “silent majority” was repulsed by the foul-mouthed, head-banded, fringe-wearing anarchists, hippies and Yippies whom they blamed for violence and disorder. They also blamed Democrats.

The White House was handed over to Richard Nixon. Republicans held it for most of the next 40 years.

Now I’m not doing to defend Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, or the rest of the so-called “Chicago Seven,” but the other group leading the protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago during the year in question (aside from Rubin, Hoffman and the “Youth International Party,” or “Yippies”) was the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (or “MOBE”), which was (according to Wikipedia)…

…“able to organize several successful protests (that year). The first protest was the “Pentagon March”. MOBE organised a rally at the Lincoln Memorial with speeches by many renowned individuals, including Dr. Benjamin Spock, which was followed by a march and rally at the Pentagon. In the spring of 1968, MOBE sponsored the spring marches in New York and San Francisco. MOBE leaders worked with local officials to hold non-violent marches and to create a show of force against the Vietnam War. The April 27 march in Chicago was part of the MOBE spring marches.

For Chicago, MOBE originally planned for two large-scale marches and an end of convention rally at Soldier Field. The goal was originally a massive show of force outside the International Amphitheatre. MOBE also planned to have workshops and movement centers distributed in 10 parks throughout the city, many in predominantly black areas, to allow demonstrators and participating groups to follow their particular focuses. The individual groups participating in the protest would run movement centers. The movement centers would have been coordinating areas where workshops could be held and information and first aid could be obtained. MOBE was working with Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) to provide medical attention at the various movement centers and during the marches and the Legal Defense Committee to help those arrested to understand their rights, post bail, and prevent the City from pulling any legal shenanigans.

Several different areas were prepared (at the Chicago convention) for speech making, and MOBE marshals were instructed to help each different group in organizing their particular type of protest. For groups like Women Strike for Peace, MOBE marshals would instruct the women on how to picket without being arrested, how to avoid a violent confrontation with the police, and generally provide the amateur protesters with experience.

(By the way, the Wikipedia article tells us that the MOBE actions did not take place because the group was denied permits by the city of Chicago and many of them decided not to participate illegally. And the group enlisted the federal government to aid them in obtaining their permits, but the feds were stonewalled by Mayor Daley also.)

You see, “Byko”? The minute I or anyone else takes note of the fact that there were actually individuals at the convention who were trying to organize for nonviolent protest, that automatically explodes your phony argument.

You make it sound as if any issues pertaining to social justice were resolved in 1964 or 1965 (which saw passage of civil rights and voting legislation, I’ll grant you). So, then, what about gender-based issues of equality? Don’t you think an individual such as Harvey Milk, for example, employed ‘60s-era techniques of organization and non-violent protest to ensure that a neglected minority was represented in his district? Or are you going to argue that Milk and LBGT individuals helped “pave the road to George W. Bush” also by not merely shutting up and going away?

And what about the Equal Rights Amendment (“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”) More liberal wackiness as far as you’re concerned that originated in 1968?

Don’t you consider passage of the odious Proposition 8 in California as a sign that the battle rages on forty years later? And I guess, to you, liberals who continue to fight it thus further denigrate themselves when they do so?

If you choose not to associate with the “Far Left yakkers and bloggers” (as you put it) “Byko,” then state that that is your chosen preference. Don’t blame partly misunderstood events of 40 years ago as a reason for your own ignorance.


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