The “Hangin’ Judge J.R.” High Court Strikes Again

Simply put, the Navy won and the whales lost (here, and here is a prior post)…

At issue in the 5-4 ruling was whether the Navy’s need to conduct exercises to protect the country from enemy submarines outweighed concerns raised by environmental groups.

The case focused on whether the president had the power to issue executive waivers allowing such tests and whether federal judges can issue preliminary injunctions blocking them. The high court ultimately sided with claims of national security over environmental concerns.

Those environmental interests, said Chief Justice John Roberts for the majority, “are plainly outweighed by the Navy’s need to conduct realistic training exercises to ensure that it is able to neutralize the threat posed by enemy submarines.”

According to this article, here is what sonar does to the whales…

…the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), established to protect marine life, appears to be aligned with the government-funded “experts” promoting low frequency active sonar (LFAS). They also appear to be ignoring required protocol in order to prematurely slip the U.S. Navy a permit to harass and kill whales which will serve as the green light needed to unleash this risky technology into full and unfettered, classified deployment.

Eerily, the NMFS is also the organization assigned to oversee the testing done on the “beached canaries” stranding on our shores. Yet, while they publicly serve as the protector of marine life, behind the scenes they seem to prefer keeping these strandings in the category of an “unsolved mystery” to risking discovery of a possible connection to sonar exposure by checking their ears for rupture or their tissue for signs of explosion and shredding. Instead of conducting these revealing tests, they offer vague explanations that don’t hold up, while focusing their search for answers solely on viruses, red tides, and other toxic algae that were neither in the problem areas nor have caused this kind of cetacean carnage in the past. In view of this seeming bias in favor of LFAS and the dual role it creates for the NMFS, should they ever concede to test the ears or tissue of stranded marine corpses for sonar exposure, the public would be wise to insist that non government-funded and independent researchers bear witness to their exams.

It’s also important to notice that the brain and tissue fissures, lesions, and ruptures as well as mass starvation consistently found in these and other recent marine mammal corpses resemble the symptoms of sonar exposure described by the Marine Mammal Commission when in 1997 they predicted that lung and tissue hemorrhage and trauma in marine mammals (and fish) as well as cavity explosion and hearing loss causing subsequent starvation was likely to occur if LFAS was employed worldwide as proposed.

By the way, the acting head of the NFMS is Dr. James W. Balsiger, and the agency falls under the Commerce Department (headed by Carlos Gutierrez).

I sincerely hope the incoming Obama administration and its new Secretary of the Navy invalidates this typically stupid ruling of The Supremes by deciding to conduct the exercises somewhere else.

As a final thought on this, I should point out that we frequently read and hear in our corporate media that Roberts, Scalito, and Clarence Thomas (who continues to suffer under the apparently unbearable yoke of a Yale law degree), the most conservative members of the bench, are all Roman Catholics.

They obviously need to brush up on the part of the Bible that says we should be “stewards of the earth.”


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