Try Applying The “Kerry Rules” To McCain, OK?

kerry_headshotThere are a bunch of reasons why Deborah Howell, the Washington Post ombudsman (person?) is a joke as far as I’m concerned, but this is just the latest bit of fuel for that fire, if you will (nothing against Greg Mitchell, by the way).

See, Howell and many other of our corporate media types believe that the Repug nominee for president and his running mate received unfair treatment (I got into some of this nonsense here a week ago).

This is all particularly amusing to your humble narrator seeing as how I don’t recall that there was one speck of self-recrimination this time four years ago, when all the networks with initials for names were claiming a “mandate” for Dubya, even though Obama won with more votes cast and a higher margin of victory than Commander Codpiece (here).

I would say the opposite is true, actually – and if I may, I’d like to refresh our memories as follows (this is going to get real deep real fast)…

  • Quite simply, the Swift Boat Liars were never properly held to account (here).
  • Kerry supposedly cried tears of regret when he bowed out of the ’08 presidential contest, which did not happen (here).
  • Kerry was depicted as a “windsurfing flip-flopper” here (the windsurfing part was true, but so what?).
  • Our beloved corporate media cousins jumped all over Kerry’s botched joke but failed to report Dubya’s claim that a Democratic victory means “the terrorists win and America loses” (here – 69 days to go, people…we’re getting there).
  • Brendan Miniter of the Murdoch Street Journal slams both Kerry AND former Georgia senator and decorated Vietnam vet Max Cleland here (falsely, of course).
  • Kerry was depicted as “pos(ing) with guns,” though both Dubya and Cheney’s supposed hunting “bona fides” were trumpeted (and by the way, Kerry has hunted since he was about 12 years old – noted here).
  • Various right-wing bottom feeders, taking their lead from Flush Limbore, Sean Inanity and professional Kerry attacker John O’Neill, claimed the senator called U.S. troops “terrorists” here.
  • Bill Sammon of Fox Noise revived the unfounded claim that a pre-election bin Laden tape was meant to help Kerry here.
  • James Taranto of the Murdoch Street Journal said Kerry based his electoral fraud claims on jokes here (typical – takes one to know one).
  • “The American Enterprise” continued to peddle John O’Neill’s Swift Boat claims against Kerry as fact here.
  • Inanity, Cheney and Gingrich ridiculed Kerry’s call for a “more sensitive” war on terror (as if they would actually know about combat, here).
  • Tweety alleges that a Kerry campaign ad was made by “Hitler’s filmmaker” Leni Riefenstahl (nice, here).
  • Oliver North: “Every terrorist” wants Kerry to win (here).
  • Sean Inanity: “God is no Democrat” – Dennis Miller: “Jesus ‘prefers Bush to Kerry’” (here).
  • I believe that about covers it (I know this was noxious, but I hope it wasn’t too overpowering).

    So if Deborah Howell or anyone else can prove to me that John McCain received anything close to the media abuse in the campaign that just ended that John Kerry received when he ran for the White House four or more years ago, then I’ll be receptive to their argument.

    Otherwise, shut up and go away.

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