Maybe Another Reason Why She Lost

hillary_clinton2In the New York Times today, seven observers of the presidential election which is winding to a close (we hope, and with the right result of course) cite various “turning points” during the campaign.

And Howard Wolfson, a strategist for Hillary Clinton, tells us here…

Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaign kickoff in 1999 was initially judged a huge success until her opponent, Rudolph Giuliani, began to zero in on one of the warm-up songs played before Mrs. Clinton hit the stage: Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack.”

“Captain Jack,” unfortunately, contains references to masturbation and drug use. Mr. Giuliani said we were sending a clear signal to America’s youth: “Let’s say yes to drugs. I think it’s a very, very dangerous message.” The story dominated the local news for days.

Yeah, I’m afraid that was a “gimme” for “the mayor of 9/11”; great song, but pretty obvious about its topics.

And when HRC was deciding on a campaign song for her presidential run, Wolfson tells us…

Everyone had favorites, and every favorite had its detractors. We studied lyrics and performer biographies. We downloaded possibilities and listened. Some of us danced, while others sat and frowned.

“Get Ready” by the Four Tops? Too sexual. “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson? What about that unfortunate wardrobe malfunction?

Uh, Howard, I hate to break the news to you, but “Get Ready” was a hit for The Temptations, charting at #29 as listed by Billboard in 1966. And I’m sorry, but anyone who thought that song was actually provocative has one hell of an imagination.

But I suppose that’s emblematic of the Clinton run (not Hillary herself, but more the people around her in my estimation). When it comes to boneheaded missteps, it’s the same old song (a genuine Four Tops tune that charted that same year).


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