Bucks County’s Big Mouth Peddles More Anti-Obama BS

Yesterday, J.D. Mullane (John?) of the Bucks County Courier Times wrote a column about a Philippine émigré to this country named Perlyn Donapel; she became a citizen on July 2nd and will vote for the first time in the upcoming election.

This would be merely an inspiring story if it weren’t for the typically ugly turn Mullane takes towards the very end…

I think [Democratic Sen. Barack] Obama is a good debater and a good speaker, but his words, they seem to me to be empty,” (Donapel) said.

She has examined his taxing policies and she is alarmed. She does not think they are good for small-business owners.

“My husband — he owns a very small business and he employs a few people. Obama would raise our business taxes. This is a threat to hard work, a threat to small business. You will be taxed more, and you are already working hard for what you make, but now you have to work harder to make up for it,” she said.

Making up for the money lost to the government means that her husband will have to work even harder. It is like a man on a treadmill who is already running at a brisk pace, and the treadmill’s speed is increased.

This isn’t just merely dishonest; it’s repugnant as well.

So…you can’t make a legitimate case that Obama will raise taxes on small businesses, so you instead allow a recent arrival to this country to make a well-meaning but uninformed statement without correcting her, J.D.?

What an utter fraud you are; here’s the reality from the following CNN/Money article…

Should small business owners fear for their wallets if Obama is elected? Not the vast majority, business and tax experts say.

The bottom line: McCain’s claim (that Obama would raise taxes on small businesses) only works by using an overly broad definition of what counts as a “small business” – and even with that definition, fewer than 2% of business owners would be hit by Obama’s proposed rate increase. For those who are affected, the increase would be levied only on a part of their earnings, not all of them.

In Mullane’s column, we learn that Donapel considers America to be a “dreamland.” That’s wonderful, and I wish her the best of luck.

The problem for Mullane, though, is that, while Donapel believes she is living in a dreamland, Mullane appears to be “reporting” from one as well (and for a taste of Mullane’s more fragrant anti-Obama bile, check out this post from his blog yesterday – I don’t recommend reading Mullane’s online musings with a full stomach, though).


2 Responses to Bucks County’s Big Mouth Peddles More Anti-Obama BS

  1. El Tommy says:

    what a racist asshole, whats with the codacending statement about her new to this country,got to do with her rights gto speakher mind.. let me guess ?? your a white boy ??

  2. doomsy says:

    I don’t know if that comment is aimed at me or Mullane, and at this moment I don’t care.

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