Future Endorsements For The Palin-McBush Team

Well, we’ve already see Joe The Plumber ad nauseum, of course, and yesterday “Governor Hottie” brought us Ed The Dairy Man (oh brother).

Well, given that, I think we can look forward to the following individuals casting their electoral lot, as it were, for the Repug ticket:

  • Daphne The Denialist – She believes that the climate crisis is a naturally occurring phenomenon, as does the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska here, and that polar bears are suddenly drowning because of a genetic mutation that is compelling them to learn how to surfboard on ice floes.
  • Ralph The Restroom Attendant – He is trying to mobilize public opinion in favor of his preferred nominees by designing and printing as many T-shirts as he can with the slogan “Plunge liberals; flush Barack Huzain Obama” and handing them out at Palin-McBush hate fests around the country (and yep, Ralph has to work on his spelling; hey, it’s at least as intelligent as this stuff, to say nothing of this stupid piece of clip art I’ve attached to this post to show what these human accidents come up with).
  • Orel The Proctologist – (So many directions I can go with this one; insert your snark here).
  • Mortimer The Mortician – Hey, at least McBush found this guy in Michigan; given the fact that he’s suspended campaigning in that state, he’ll probably need both living and dead voters to defeat Obama, so this stop was probably a clever bit of campaign strategy.
  • As Steve Lopez, the Los Angeles Times and former Inky columnist once said, “Vote early and often” on November 4th, words to remember as we get mercifully closer to that day (and to help Palin-McBush’s opponents, click here).


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