Dressing For November Success (Hopefully)

They don’t call this commonwealth “Pennsyltucky” for nothing; as noted here, the Repug “fashion police” could be out en force at the PA polls in a few weeks (basically, the young lady wearing the top pictured above could – could – be denied the right to vote in this state if the Repugs have their way in a few weeks)…

The political showdown was triggered by a Pennsylvania Department of State memo advising counties last month that voters’ attire doesn’t matter as long as the “voter takes no additional action to attempt to influence other voters.”

Because the memo is not legally binding, some counties have kept past restrictions on clothing and political buttons.

But two Pittsburgh-area elections officials sued to have the memo rescinded. Their lawsuit warned that if the memo stands, “nothing would prevent a partisan group from synchronizing a battalion of like-minded individuals … to descend on a polling place, presenting a domineering, united front, certain to dissuade the average citizen who may privately hold different beliefs.”

This fight over the interpretation of a state law designed to shield the polls from partisan electioneering could determine which presidential candidate’s supporters might be turned away from the polls in this battleground state.

To get an understanding of how truly ridiculous this is (and desperate for the Repugs, of course), I should note that, in PA, campaign representatives can hand you practically anything before you enter your polling location, and you can bring anything within reason into the voting booth (I’ve brought in various newspaper articles featuring candidate endorsements, books, briefcases…as I said, anything within reason). This is the first time I have ever heard of any possible voting restriction of this type.

But while I would encourage compliance with this idiotic interpretation (if, for no other reason, than to minimize the chances of trouble on election day – suing after you’ve been turned away is nice, but the damage will already have been done), I still think this is a good excuse to link here to purchase other Obama gear also.

(And regardless of what you’re wearing, these numbers still are what they are, fortunately.)


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