Fox Noise Gives Us The “Business”

October 3, 2008

One consequence not commented on until now (at least, I can’t find it) is that, with Monday’s Dow Jones plummet as a response to the failure of the bailout vote (which passed earlier today and was signed into law by His Fraudulency), many of us paid more attention to business news than we might otherwise; that’s a generalization which I’m sure is correct.

And as a result, this was noted in the New York Times today…

For one afternoon this week, it was possible to obtain a reliable estimate for how many people were watching the Fox Business Network, at least at home.

That figure was 81,000, and it represented the average number of people watching for any given hour from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Monday, according to Nielsen Media Research. The figure is a milestone for the nearly year-old channel, which had never drawn an audience large enough to be considered statistically reliable by Nielsen for an extended time period.

Still, the achievement was relatively small and fleeting: during the same period, on Monday, as the House rejected a bailout bill and the Dow closed down nearly 778 points, CNBC drew an average of nearly 900,000 viewers, 10 times that for Fox Business.

Oh, but you effete liberal media types are just sooo quick to write off any positive developments concerning the dissemination of a contrary opinion, aren’t you??? WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA???!!!!!

Tee hee (and by the way, here is a backgrounder).

Well, anyway, we need not worry; as part of my everyday duties as a filthy, unkempt liberal blogger, I made it a point to watch Fox “News” Channel that day to discover how they would lend their journalistic touch to this momentous story. And here is how they reported it:

The Dow lost almost 780 points; it was a disaster…

…President Bush took immediate and decisive action…

…this was very damaging to the personal services industry…

…and liberals are completely and totally to blame.

There, now – don’t you feel better informed already?

A Moment That Spoke Volumes

October 3, 2008

If anyone had any doubt that Sarah Palin is an utterly heartless neophyte, I think this should have resolved those suspicions.

I know it’s obvious that Repugs have no understanding of the concept of empathy or commiseration with people who aren’t just like them, but this just puts an exclamation point on that fact.

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