Partisan Political Nonsense, Even On This Day

From 9/11…

Against my better judgment, I journeyed to the place where free-thinking dissent crawls home to die an utterly inglorious death, and that of course is the editorial page of the Murdoch Street Journal.

Writer Daniel Henninger laments what he sees here as the dissent against Bushco that began before the commencement of the ruinous war in Iraq, back to the point shortly after the Patriot Act was passed and signed into law and the “Torture Yoo” memos appeared.

(And of course, Henninger chides Barack Obama for, at first, opposing the sham FISA “compromise” before he eventually signed onto it; yep, I can’t say anything about that in defense either, truth be told – I’m sure the senator from Illinois is adroit enough to realize that he’d better have a good comeback for that vote, since John W. McBush will surely throw it in his face during one of the debates.)

But of course, since we’re talking about the Murdoch Street Journal after all, language such as what follows is inescapable…

We will listen closely in the debates to what Sens. Obama and McCain say about Islamic terror. To vote for Sen. Obama is to also vote for a Democratic Party that consumed most of the political system’s available oxygen for seven years fighting a U.S. president harder than they did the perpetrators of September 11.

Political struggle is ever with us, but given the realities that 9/11 revealed (as did the terror bombings in Europe), the relentless scale of the Democratic opposition to the Bush administration’s antiterror policies is hard to square.

Funny that Henninger, in his blaming of the Dems for what he views as unjustified intrusions onto the imperial turf of Commander Codpiece, forgets the untidy little fact that the Supreme Court of the United States (even with “Strip Search Sammy” Scalito and Hangin’ Judge J.R.) voted three times against what it viewed as overreach by the executive branch in the Now And Forever You Godless Luburuuls And Yure Barack Hussein Lovin’ Obama Muslim Global War On Terra! Terra! Terra! (in this article from June, it ruled that terror detainees can appeal their verdicts to civilian courts).

And as far as the Dems fighting Dubya harder than the 9/11 perpetrators (almost doesn’t deserve a response), I should note that one of the first acts of the 110th Democratic Congress was to vote to implement many of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations – something the Repugs running the 109th did not do – including “increas(ing) funding for aviation security technology, (due to) ongoing warnings regarding the vulnerability to on-board attacks,” according to the WaPo here.

Also (as noted in this Media Matters post)…

A Democratic leadership source, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the plans are not final, said (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi is likely to reorganize House committees to streamline jurisdiction over security matters.

“There’s a whole realm of things that need to be done,” (former Repug New Jersey Governor and 9/11 Commission Report author Tom) Kean said. “The fact that the new speaker wants to make it a priority, I congratulate her.”

Also, as noted here, a certain senator from Illinois wrote a letter to President Highest Disapproval Rating In Gallup Poll History in August 2006, asking him to work with the 109th to improve Bushco’s dismal record of “5 F’s and 12 D’s” concerning its record of implementing the commission’s recommendations to improve our security.

Oh, and I should note that Henninger’s column in the Journal has the perfectly apt title of “Wonder Land.” Fortunately for us, though, it is the Dems who are living in the real world on the urgent matter of trying to keep us safe.


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