Hopefully, The Third Time Is The Charm

OK, I’m giving this another shot with WordPress, which I probably should have done anyway. Typepad’s interface is absolutely a nightmare (sorry, Six Apart, but you need to TOTALLY scrap it – I spent three days trying to enter an object into the right nav column before I gave up, usually with multiple help windows open at one time…click this tab, then this text link, now this selection, then another tab – I wanted to blow my brains out!!! No editable template HTML or “drag-and-drop”? ARE YOU FRACKIN’ NUTS??!!).

So what exactly does this have to do with Barack Obama? Nothing, I suppose, except for the fact that this image is included in MY VERY FIRST TEXT WIDGET!! YEEAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!

Oh, and as long as I’m mentioning him, please click here.


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